OCTOBER 26 - 28

The LAST Trial at Barn Hunt Academy

JUDGES: Dan Mata & Bonnie Bird

Friday Oct 26

Master only and Crazy 8's

Saturday 2 full trials

Sunday 1 full trial in the morning

Pot luck both days

After the trial on Sunday we will

eat and have a party.

Bring your photos to share and we will

all laugh and remember the

fun we have had with this silly game we play with our dogs.

We hope you will come and join us.

Also the Earthdog trials will be held here at the same time!

Crazy 8's



You can enter both Instinct and Novice levels if you do not have a RATN title. Otherwise, there is a maximum of 1 run (per trial) for each dog entered.

LEGIBLY fill out Entry Form completely and sign it. You may either use the entry form here in our website or Barn Hunt Association, LLC's "Create Mail-In-Entry". To be a valid entry, details such as dog name, height, owner name, etc. must match details on file with Barn Hunt EXACTLY.

Email the completed and signed entry form to

Make your PayPal payment- be sure the net amount we receive is your total entry fee.

Pay attention to the opening and closing dates!




Paypal payments for Trials